Fight For Your Health

Helping Townsville Youth make deadly choices for their health

FFYH youth Bootcamp is funded by Northern Queensland Primary Health Network.

Fight For Your Health seeks to improve health outcomes for Townsville youth through a multi-strategic approach of challenging yet fun physical fitness activities, nutritional seminars and guest appearances from local sporting identities.

Run as Bootcamps, in conjunction with local organisations such as Project Booyah, Cowboys NRL House and Transition to success, local kids have been taught preventative measures in relation to hydration and healthy eating and physical health.

The sessions encourage movement and build resilience and hope to divert anti-social behaviours into safe opportunities for risk taking. So far, attendees have made connections to the wider community via mentorship and continue to make healthy choices in their lives.


Are you an organisation that has kid’s you feel could benefit from training with Fight For Your Health ? Contact Us!

We cater for groups of 5 to 50, we supply all equipment!

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